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      1. Cat PL83 Pipelayer

        The Cat® PL83 pipelayer is designed for the medium to large pipe diameter work and heavy lifting with a variety of features that are purpose-built for increased lift capacity, enhanced slope capability, side-to-side stability, ease of operation and reliable performance.  Built from the ground up with a pipeliner’s job tasks in mind, the PL83 pipelayer takes on the unique demands of pipeline applications so that you can go to work safely and efficiently.

        A rated lift capacity of 170,000 lb. (77 111 kg) and a Cat C15 ACERT™ engine with 345 hp (258 kW) means the power of Caterpillar® goes to work for you.  See below for an abbreviated list of key features and benefits on the PL83 pipelayer and sidebooms or download the product specification brochure to your right.  You will notice that the PL83 and PL87 pipelayers and sidebooms are built on the same platform for ease of use and consistency. 

        The PL series pipelayers and sidebooms are made up of 100% Caterpillar components with quality parts and product support anywhere in the world.  This is our commitment to you. We invite you to experience for yourself why pipeliners choose this superior machine.  As your partner, PLM can help you plan for a successful project by answering any questions you might have, make recommendations specific to your pipeline project and help you streamline the process.  Contact us today or speak with your Account Manager to get started.

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        Features & Information

        • Slope Capability.  Lengthened track-roller-frame and re-positioned rear idler puts more track on the ground, addressing the weight shift when traveling uphill and enhancing slope capability.  The heavy-duty undercarriage is designed to be wider than similarly sized dozers, which stabilizes the machine and putts more track on the ground.
        • Low Ground Pressure.  Wide track shoes are built within the machine to disperse the weight and lower the ground pressure. 
        • Performance.  State-of-the-art drawworks on this dedicated pipelayer are pilot operated and closed loop hydrostatic.   The proper amount of pressure is maintained so that when you ask the machine to go to work, it goes to work.  There are no cables or linkages to adjust and it does not require daily maintenance.  This pipelayer is also built with a power train matched to pipelayer applications.
        • Ease of use.  Electronic fluid level verification at startup for fuel and DEF and low fluid warning sensors for the coolant and engine oil means you can make fewer trips up and down from the operator station.  
        • Boom.  Lightweight, durable boom features high tensile strength steel construction for narrow structures and maximum visibility to the work area.
        • Operator Station.  The control handle puts all of the boom and hook functions in the right hand of the operator, simple and more intuitive.  The operator seat is designed and placed for optimal view of the work outside the machine.  Glass area of cab arrangement is maximized for visibility with improved sight lines around the machine and to the trench. A large skylight window with sliding shade provides a clear view from the seat to the boom and blocks.
        • Safety.   Standard Roll Over Protection Structures (ROPS) that is rated for the Gross Machine Weight of the pipelayer.  A Cranesmart Load Monitoring Indicator (LMI) is standard on all new PL series pipelayers to wirelessly feed the operator accurate load information.  Additional large surface mirrors enhance visibility for the operator, and a modified block set design reduces the profile for greater visibility to the pipe.  Rearview cameras that have a dedicated display add visibility around the machine.  An operator presence detection system (OPS) ensures safe access and egress from the machine by disabling machine movement in case of accidentally hitting the powertrain control tiller.  

        In addition to a complete line of Caterpillar pipelayers, sidebooms, track-type tractors (dozers)excavators and motor graders, PLM is the exclusive distributor of Vanguard Continuously Powered Welding tractors, Wet Decks (hydraulic conversion kits for Caterpillar pipelayers) and Combo tractors (pipelayer attachments on D6 Caterpillar tractors). For more information, please contact your PLM account manager or click here to contact us.

        pl83 pipelayer and sideboom

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