PLM sells purpose-built parts to support the mainline pipeline construction industry and components for the growing list of pipeline solutions found on the PLM website.  

                  We understand that when a machine goes down on the job, it can be costly and frustrating.  Those responsible for the repair and maintenance of an equipment fleet are under pressure to get it fixed - and now.  Our goal at PLM is to help you meet this challenge successfully.

                  You can expect parts to be available from PLM partners such as Vanguard, PRINOTH, Cranesmart, Allied and more.
                  • Cat Hook Blocks
                  • PANTHER T8 & T12 Parts
                  • Rockland Blade Parts
                  • Cranesmart Replacements
                  • Vanguard Equipment Parts
                  • Allied Winch Parts
                  • CUSHOTRAC® HD™ Heavy Duty Track Pads

                  Whether you are looking for new or used parts, consider PLM your one-stop source for pipeline specific parts needs. We would be pleased to source out non-stock items.

                  For more information, please contact us:
                  PLM Parts Telephone: (713) 580-8417
                  PLM Parts Email:  parts@www.sjkcpayai.com

                  See area specific contact information to your right and scroll down for testimonials from customers just like you.

                  PLM Parts - USMount-Blake-Parts2

                  Blake Mount
                  Telephone:  1-713-580-8419
                  Email:  bmount@www.sjkcpayai.com

                  PLM Parts - CanadaDecker-Darin-Parts2

                  Darin Decker
                  Telephone:  1-780-977-4694
                  Email:  ddecker@www.sjkcpayai.com

                  PLM Parts - Europe, Africa Gerben-Partsand Middle East

                  Gerben van der Veen
                  Telephone:  +31 6-3011-3738
                  Email:  gvanderveen@www.sjkcpayai.com

                  PLM Parts - AustraliaMasterton-John-2020

                  John Masterton
                  Telephone:  +1-61-746-912-120
                  Email:  jmasterton@www.sjkcpayai.com


                  • Hook and Load Blocks
                  • Sheaves
                  • Counterweights and Frames 
                  • Boom foot pins
                  • Boom and Hook winch parts
                  • Wire Rope
                  • Safety Rails and Ladders

                  PANTHER T8, T12,  T14R and T16

                  • Rubber Tracks 
                  • Rollers and Idlers
                  • Final drive parts
                  • Hydrostatic Pumps
                  • Tension and Dump cylinders
                  • Cab windshields ,wiper blades and mirrors
                  • Maintenance filters
                  • Speed sensors 
                  • Valves
                  • Breakers and Fuses 

                  VANGUARD:  CPW 125-4 SERIES 2
                  WELD DECK

                  • Breakers 200A, 50A, 40A, 30A
                  • Voltage Regulators
                  • AC Voltmeter
                  • AC Ammeter
                  • Pressure Relief Valves
                  • Starter
                  • Maintenance Filters & Belts
                  • Transformers
                  • Dual level speed switch
                  • Gauges

                  The PLM Product Support Team and Parts Department work closely together to keep your machine running while on the job.  We are your partner and understand that downtime is costly.  Comments from customers all over the world attest to the type of customer service you can expect from PLM. 

                       “I don’t even know what I would do then or now if I didn’t have Blake in my corner. He came up with parts on the overhaul that EVERYBODY else said was discontinued and no longer available worldwide. He is the go-to guy when you have to have a Cat part and the whole world tells you no. I feel like he is a huge part of the team.”

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